ConnecTra’s Employment Mentorship Support Project is based on an 18 month pilot project that ConnecTra Society conducted from October 2012 to March 2014.

The pilot project emerged from an acute understanding of the unemployment and under-employment of persons with disabilities. The findings of this pilot project were stated in a report to the British Columbia Ministry of Social Support and Social Innovation entitled: Pilot Project: Connecting People with Disabilities. But in short:

We conducted a year-and-a-half pilot project that...

  • engaged 115 volunteers who
  • supported 217 people with disabilities, of who
  • 30 obtained employment*

*seven full-time, 15 part-time and eight started small businesses

Our current program, the Employment Mentorship Support Project, will involve fewer participants and run twice as long – three years, although each individual’s supported job search will be an eight-month process.