ConnecTra’s Speakers Bureau is intended to foster community engagement and awareness through informative talks that inspire audiences to re-imagine what is possible. We approach organizations and charities that host workshops, conferences and special events to offer them a guest speaker.

ConnecTra is inviting individuals with physical disabilities who are interested in honing their public speaking skills and are comfortable sharing their personal journeys! ConnecTra’s speakers inform and motivate audiences by sharing stories related to themes relevant for everyone, such as:

  • Understanding inclusion
  • Asking for help, attitude and perseverance
  • Vulnerability and team work
  • Fostering accessibility in the work place.

Speakers will be visiting businesses, companies and non-profit organizations to provide informative brown bag lunches, meetings and special events. Talks are approximately 20 minutes or less.

If you are interested in becoming speaker or booking a speaker, you can contact

If you would like to book a guest speaker, there is no expense on your part, although a donation is appreciated. As a non-profit organization, ConnecTra raises funds to cover costs of the Speakers Bureau including travel and honorarium for the speakers.