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Navigating Transitions with Penny Allport

May 18, 2021 @ 12:00 pm 1:00 pm PDT

Join your community and Penny Allport for her introspective Zoom series that will guide you through the “8 Gates of Wisdom”. This multi-part ConnecTogether series will begin in January and continue weekly on Tuesdays!

Penny Allport is a Creative Explorer with a passion for all that is possible in the living inquiry of what it means to be an embodied human. For over two decades she has facilitated individuals and groups through explorations in Yoga, Continuum Movement, Perceptual Inquiry, Creative Expression, Storytelling, Dream Inquiry, and process oriented writing and painting. The imagination of the natural world continually inspires and informs her offerings.

“We all come in through the silver gate and we all go out through the Gold Gate, and there are many gates in between …”

Navigating Transitions is an invitation to explore the many blessings and challenges of living an authentic and soul filled life. Each stage of life offers unique demands and requires life skills, disciplines and attitudes to meet an ever-changing world in an ever-changing body / mind.

The 8 Gates of Wisdom are drawn from research by Cross-cultural Anthropologist, Angeles Arrien, and offer archetypal portals where we encounter myths, stories, poetry and perennial wisdom to support us in perceiving freshly in these tumultuous times.

In a culture hungry for meaning and longing for direct experience of our capacity to BE human’s kind, these gates provide resources to recognize the risks, access gifts and navigate a changing landscape with grace and gusto  – of even greater importance in these times of a pandemic and deep systemic change in the world.

Each week we will meet one of the gates through its symbols, images and inquiry, embodied practices, reflections, sharing and tasks to support inner and outer alignment of our growing capacities to become the wise elders we are called to be – no matter of age.

Themes include: 

  • Facing the Unknown
  • Changing Identities – Discovering One’s True Face
  • Body as Resource and Trusty Ally & Friend
  • Relationships as Rigorous Spiritual Practice
  • Creativity, Generativity and Service
  • Bone Deep – Cultivating Authenticity, Character & Wisdom
  • The Presence of Grace – Nature as Guide and Mirror
  • Letting Go, Surrender and Non-Attachment

This introspective series is a peer based ‘listening & wisdom sharing circle’ where every voice is part of growing the teachings and gifts of the 8 Gates of Wisdom. These 30min Zoom sessions are an opportunity to check-in, explore the themes of each gate more deeply through sharing personal stories and experiences. 

The 20 week series will begin Jan 12th (90min) with alternating weeks of Zoom check-ins (30min). Participants who commit to attend all 20 weeks will receive a certificate, but you are welcome to join at any time.

(This series will not be streamed to Facebook.)

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