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We have collected links and contact information for the most widely used resources for people with disabilities in Metro Vancouver, BC. Browse the categories above to find a group, agency or service provider near you.


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Coronavirus Information

As we all navigate these challenging times together, ConnecTra has compiled some trusted resources that may be helpful to you. This list is not exhaustive. Please contact resource providers directly if you have questions. During this time, make sure you have anti-virus software installed and keep your operating system up-to-date.

As the situation continues to change, we will update our site.

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Staying at Home

Fun Things to do Indoors

  • 12 Best Sites to Read and Download Free Books Legally
  • Listen to Vintage Radio Programs (mystery, comedy, drama—it’s all there)
  • Attend a virtual course: Coursera, The Science of Well-Being
  • Plant Seedlings
    Planting seedlings and watching their growth is rewarding, as well as educational. You would need to do a bit of research as to what would be the best time to plant. The time-frame fluctuates between various types of plants. Most plants take 3-15 weeks to mature to a level to be transplanted into a garden. You would want to know what type of plants you are planting and the time needed. It brings great joy to watch them develop and bloom once they are transplanted into a garden.
  • Free Online Games
  • Do a Puzzle
    Puzzle-making is a calming way to spend time together at home. Hours can be spent finding just the right pieces to add to the puzzle. The best part is when you see the finished product. This isn’t a one-night activity, so set aside a place that the puzzle can be undisturbed. You can find mats that roll your puzzle up when you aren’t working on it. If you have a spare table that isn’t used daily, you could have it there on display and readily available to continue on.
  • Write a Letter
    Remember letters? A letter is a timeless form of correspondence showing you took the time to write your thoughts and feelings. Grab a pen and some stationery (or just notebook paper if you don’t have stationery), and write and send a letter to someone you care about. What a surprise it will be for this person to receive a thoughtful letter in the mail.

Feel-Good Stories

Cute Animal Videos

The Disability Foundation and its affiliated societies comply with COVID-19 protocols as determined by the provincial health authorities (e.g., BC: Our workers and volunteers will follow such protocols and must be vaccinated to work with and within our organizations (offices, program locations, and home visits), unless a medical exemption is in place. To protect our workers and volunteers, we expect our clients and partners to comply with COVID-19 health and safety regulations which means fully vaccinated unless there is a medical exemption. 

Thank you for making everyone’s health and safety the top priority.