Advocacy Resources

The ConnecTra Society does not offer advocacy services; however, below are links to other organizations, who may be able to assist you.

BC Human Rights Tribunal

604-775-2000  |

The BC Human Rights Tribunal is an independent, quasi-judicial body created by the Human Rights Code. It is responsible for accepting, screening, mediating, and adjudicating human rights complaints covered by the Human Rights Code in BC.

Canadian Human Rights Commission

1-888-214-1090  |

The Canadian Human Rights Commission aims to settle complaints of discrimination in employment, to ensure that federally regulated employers provide equal opportunities for designated groups, and to develop information and discrimination prevention programs.

Citizens for Accessible Neighbourhoods

604-437-7331  |

CAN works to support full inclusion within communities through education, promotion, and advocacy. Through our website CAN strives to improve access to information for people with disabilities and those within their support systems.

Civil Rights Now!

604-928-1644  |

Civil Rights Now! is an all-volunteer, non-partisan, not-for-profit organization registered under the BC Societies Act. Persons living with a disability in British Columbia do not have the legal rights and protections they believe that they have.

Disability Alliance BC

604-872-1278  |

Our mission is to support people, with all disabilities, to live with dignity, independence and as equal and full participants in the community. We champion issues impacting the lives of people with disabilities through our direct services, community partnerships, advocacy, research and publications. (Formerly BC Coalition of People with Disabilities)

Employment Standards Branch

604-660-4946  |

The Employment Standards Branch administers the Employment Standards Act and Regulation, which set minimum standards of wages and working conditions in most workplaces.

Ministry of Housing and Social Development

1 866 866-0800  |

The Ministry of Housing and Social Development is committed to providing assistance to those in need, and helping people who are able to work achieve sustainable employment.

Parking Mobility

778-371-5197  |

Parking Mobility recruits, trains and manages your citizen volunteers to help solve the universal problem of disabled parking abuse on the local level. There is no better method to solving a problem than engaging your community on a grass-roots level to have them become a part of the solution.


604-876-8638  |

PovNet is an online resource for advocates, people on welfare, and community groups and individuals involved in anti-poverty work, providing up-to-date information about resources in British Columbia and Canada.

Residential Tenancy Branch

604-660-1020  |

The Residential Tenancy Branch provides landlords and tenants with dispute resolution services and information under British Columbia’s Residential Tenancy Act and Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act.

Tenancy Resource and Advisory Centre

604-255-0546  |

TRAC Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre works to improve legal protection for tenants and to promote community action for the purpose of protecting and increasing the supply of affordable rental housing in B.C.