Tabassum Chagani

“I’m really enjoying [attending ConnecTra workshops] because they are a very good way to know people who attend and lots of resources and useful information is given out!”

Tabassum Chagani, a longtime ConnecTra member, sets an example to showcase what is possible with the right attitude. 

“Barriers are not fun to deal with” she says, “But, for me, it depends how you look at the barriers.” Even though Tabassum used to get angry and frustrated when she encountered obstacles when she was younger, she’s learned to laugh about it and reframe her focus as she grows older. “I see those as a challenge for me and I focus on surmounting or overcoming those challenges. If you see those as challenges and want to surmount those, there is always the option to move forward.

“Tabassum is an Accessible Travel Specialist at Travel for All, Inc., an agency that customizes vacations and specializes in helping travelers with various disabilities. She aims to help create visibility and awareness for accessible travel. “When I thought about the things that I can do that others have imagined they can never do, I thought why don’t I be in a place where I can share my experiences and stories to inspire others?’

We can think of her passion for travelling as a reflection of her thirst for knowledge.

“I’m really enjoying ConnecTra workshops, lots of resources and useful information are given out every time!” She goes on: “For instance, in a previous ConnecTra Workshop, Vancouver Resource Society talked about rental of accessible units and I didn’t know they were involved with that. So, it was very useful!”

Tabassum highly values the social aspect of the ConnecTra events as well, “The group that you meet with each time, you get a chance to talk to them and get to know them a little better! I would like to see more people come out to ConnecTra workshops” online through ConnecTogether and once again in person when possible.

Thank you Tabassum, for showing that being courageous and adventurous can open a new world of possibilities! We appreciate your positive attitude and participation in our activities.